Please don't watch the video if you feel uncomfortable with profanity and suggestive sexual themes. Anyway, I wanted to share this parody with you since, I thought it was pretty funny. I only did the female parts in this dub with Razzyness @ Youtube. If you enjoyed watching it, please do subscribe to him. For more information, please click on the video (which will bring you directly to Youtube) and read the description.

Find lyrics here ♪♫ ►
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Binder Chuu~

Well, schools coming back soon. Since I'm moving to a different area, I'll be attending a new school. I'm not nervous at all really. I've been getting good omens saying that this year will be a good year. I sure hope those omens are right though. Today, I started to organize my binder today. This is how I've been organizing my binder for the past three years. Four pencils, two pens, two highlighters, a calculator and etc. I recently finished The Alchemist not too long ago. It was a summer reading book, but wow, I really liked it. It was interesting and inspiring. If you didn't notice, its the book on top of my binder. If you looked into my copy of The Alchemist, you'll probably wonder why there is so much writing in it o.o;. I decided to write down my thoughts in almost every book I read (That is my copy). Right now, I'm starting a new book call The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. I think that's probably one of the most bizarre titles I have ever seen, but none-the-less, I'm curious to see how the story goes. I saw this book maybe two years ago, but I was broke at the moment so I couldn't get it. Finally, I got money and decided to buy it. The book I'm looking forward to the most is probably East of Eden (I thought it said Eden of the East of first and I was like "Whoa! I didn't know it was a novel."). So yeah, I'm looking forward to reading them both in the future.

Aside from that, the one thing that I'm nervous about is how much time will I be able to fandub. I don't think I'll try to aim to upload at least one dub a week anymore. I want to put more thought and effort into my fandubs. Like I said, I'm starting to write English lyrics more to save myself a little time and also I like writing English lyrics. It helps me understand the song more. I sure hope that I can at least try to keep in touch with everyone on Skype. This year I have two study halls so maybe that will help me save some time. Although, I also told myself that I should make an effort to stay in shape. I haven't been very fit this summer. I bike, however I don't really get into it and consider it a work out.

Has anyone noticed my laptop? You see it right? Yeah... that's where my vent is xD! I say that I live in the corner of my room, but really, I live by the vent of my room.I just realized that there was a basket of clothes behind my binder when I looked at the picture again =w=. . . I have laundry to do later. Anyway, that's all I have for now.

Ja ne~!

Status- Optimistic

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So school is coming soon, and I should probably ready myself for whatever is coming my way. I feel like this is going to be a good year for me, so I'm very excited. I guess a few omens lead me into thinking that however, I wouldn't say everything is going to be perfect. As I progress further into my teenage years, I find myself maturing in the oddest way. As I mature more, I feel like I'm losing my sanity. Perhaps its normal, I sure hope its normal. Perhaps its due to stress and facing new scenarios and encounters everyday. Having a good grasp on my emotions is being more and more difficult as the days go by. I think its just my teenage hormones are trying to pry my grasp and make me open up or something. Anyway, the reason why I'm typing this blog entry is to keep my sanity and emotions in check. It seems like a very out-of-the-blue entry to type however, the more I talk about it, the better I feel. I'm glad that I got into fandubbing. I think its helped me keep my stress in check and when I don't have a chance to talk about it, I don't have to bundle it up inside. I can sing my emotions. Although, I have met some very nice fandubbers along the way so its great to be able to talk to someone you can relate to (i.e. fandubbing and anime), but also be able to talk about things outside of the basis of our common ground.

I think when I started fandubbing, I was very timid. I could hit the notes, but I couldn't sing with a soul. I think I've learned to do that recently. Just recently though. I think they show more when I sing ballads because those are my favorite type of songs to sing. I love rapping with all my heart. I'm not the best at it, there are plenty of others that rap with such enthusiasm that I often grow jealous of them ^^. However, I'm not jealous to the point where I dislike them. I'm actually quite fond of their work because it brings me back to old school rapping. Down to its core, I can never forget what made me want to sing in the first place and that will remain to always be locked inside for me to remember and look back.

I recently found a song today that just gave me a rush of nostalgia when I first heard it. Right now, I am writing English lyrics for it. Again, I'm writing English lyrics more often now because of two reasons. One, singing in English will easier for me when school starts. Two, I've never really understood a Vocaloid as well as I have recently since writing the lyrics, sort of forces me to open my eyes and see what the meaning of the song is. Of course, I could never know the full-meaning of the song without asking the producer first hand. Working on the right emotion has always been a difficult thing for me even today so again, writing English lyrics help me get the right one. I could talk all day about how important emotion is, but myself I have my moments where I really connect with the song and sing my heart out and others where I'm just singing the song because it sounds cool. I promise myself I will no longer do that. And so, what exactly should you get out of this entry? I would say, singing comes from the heart. I think it shows more as a teenager sometimes because this is a pretty vital time in our lives and I think we're more emotional now then ever. Then again, that's just me. Never went through adulthood yet, but I'll stand strong to me opinion until proven otherwise.

Status- Restless

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Well, my dream is finally taking off. My World's End Dancehall rap received some positive feedback. I hope my rapping skills will continue to grow from here on out. There are some things about rapping that I'm afraid will be abused in the future. I won't state any here in my blog and worry about things that haven't even happened yet. A goal I have in the future is to be asked by a chorus to be feature to rap in it like LOLI.COM and Tightson. In the future, I hope to find some softer beats since I haven't worked on my, I guess, my more natural sounding rap. I have a lot to work on actually... after all, this is only the beginning. You know what's funny? I wish I was a guy sometime xD. I think rap sounds cooler than a guy does it however, I always bring myself back to my inspiration Amber Liu. She's a pretty good rapper and levels with the guys. I'll work my way to be similar to her. To match up with the guys.

Side Note: I'm obsessed with this song. I wish I could find an instrumental TT-TT
ブレイクアウト! - ロリコム×タイツォン×初音ミク

Status- Determined

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YES! I'm actually pulling through on my dream of being a female Vocaloid/Anime rapper on Youtube! I feel kind of good inside, knowing I'm doing something to make it happen. This cover was inspired by LOLI.COM's World's End Dancehall rap. I really enjoyed it so I just had to dub it! Of course in English since doing it in Japanese would be. . . difficult. Anyway, more information is in the description.
MP3, Twitter, Nico link, whatever ^_^ its there! I like to thank Anicrofan (Franky) for giving my the romaji lyrics to LOLI.COM's version. He too inspired me and introduced me to LOLI.COM's version.


World's End Dancehall (English Rap)
English Rap by Nezaibaka
More Creidts found in video description

CAT DANCE---You'll find your way
BAD DANCE---I catch the real
WATCH OUT---To make the way

CAT DANCE---You'll find your way
BAD DANCE---I catch the real
WATCH OUT---To make the way

Don't mess with me
Dancin' on boundary
Play with me
walk down the stairs with me
(Let's see what we can see Ahh~)
If things just don't go as planned
Don't worry anyway, take my hand
I love you! hold on tight
Dance as if the world will end tonight!

Down to the dancehall
Come on give me your all
You're my only dance star
Dancing on the altar
This place is dazzling
With you, my heart's pounding
"Are You Kidding?"
Man, babe I am not CHA!

A "Shall We Dance?"
( Oh What!? )
A "Shall We Dance?"
( No sankyu [Thank you] )
A "Shall We Dance?"
A "Shall We Dance?"
( No more please )
A "Shall We Dance?"
(Don’t need it!)
A "Shall We Dance?"
(Go away!)

"Shall We Dance,
or I will kill you baby!"

What the *beep*,can someone tell me what
is with this voice stirring in the room?
What coul- What could mean is it stirring my impending doom!?
"Walk down the stairs with me"
there isn't anything good to see
Give me some strength and might and together we will fight fight fight!

"Find the meaning of connecting with these simple words,
Reason of disliking without seeing hers,
Finding it, finding it, no meaning, no reason.

Sweating, weak knees, I feel outraged
glaring and smiling, while on stage
Those frequent things are beginning to bore me! YEAH!

Hop and step in the rhythm of our dance
dancing my way to the world's end, come and lets do one-two
With a small trip I stood up to continue
cause I just love having my own cliche perfect ending

Go with a poof and just cheer across the hall
next moment would you even notice that we are even here at all!
Spinning, spinning, spinning all around
A drink in hand, we'll spin and spin and spin til we go down

Rollin Way (Oh Yay)
Rollin Day (Get Down!)
Rollin Style
I'm gonna dance for you (x2)

1st time: (Aw Huh!)
2nd time: (Yo Yo Yo Yo)

The moon's up and ready, dance babe, let's dance
Come on, Come on
into this world and dance, don't stand, its on, it's on!
Come on just take my hand, just take a chance
I love you too, so screw let just go and dance!

We're jammin' to the song, but something seems kinda wrong
Is this what they call fate, is this true that's great...
You step and stumble, quit being so humble
Why not be fools tonight, before we hit morning light

"Find the meaning of repeating all these foolish moves,
Reason to make steps as the music grooves,
Finding it, finding it, no meaning, no reason.

just want to dance when I'm feeling kinda blue
just want to laugh when I feel a little tear."
I don't want to hear anymore of that ego!

Pop'n sense'n may I have this song
the world is ending so let us go sing the 'un, deux?'
My heart, it's yours. Can you hear the beat?
No no, not yet, I'm not ready, but I won't forget how.

Oh my, look and see, what a lovely view!
There there, Look at the world's monochrome highway.
Crawl and creep, not a single piece will move
Of course 'cause it's dead , nothing's gonna change.

Lets sing and chant, hear our cries
I wish this night with not die
I'm going crazy so bye-bye My Mind
The world is at its own end
Take the hand that I have lend
Together, you and I be Star Light Yeah

Just go on move and live inside the moment

You're better than them all, forever to World's End Dancehall!

Nobody dances in whole my world
I gonna play on stupid game
Somebody will see my dance on here?
I stand on "DANCEHALL"CAT DANCE---You'll find your way


Interpretation of World's End Dancehall

Anyway, at first I thought they were really talking about just Dancing the Night away until you can't dance no more however, I think its a little deeper than that. Another thought popped into mind while I was writing these lyrics. This song kind of reminds me of suicide. I mean its upbeat and catchy and all, but I honestly do thing that. I think Miku is through with life and ready to die with her beloved. Is her beloved Luka? I don't really know. I have two thoughts on this. Luka could symbolize death and she's basically "dancing" with death right now. Luka could symbolize her lover(Yuri... you know you love it) who could also still symbolize death, and she's taking a leap (you know what I mean by leap) with her. Anyway,she's dancing with death right now, and they're "dancing" as if there is no tomorrow, because there really is no tomorrow. In LOLI.COM's version, it sounds like as if he's saying "No way, we're going to die? You can't make me do it.", but in the end, the character of the story does. In the beginning, with the whole CAT DANCE, find your way thing going on, I'm guess its, again, you're dancing and trying to find your way out of life. At the end, it really wraps it up .

"Of course case its dead, nothing's gonna change." and where it starts saying

"Lets sing and chant, hear our cries." This is the part where they're about to take off into their suicidal (or what I think is suicidal) jump. Another part of the song that lead me to thinking that it was suicide was when it said

"Oh my, look and see, what a lovely view".I'm guessing their in a tall building about to jump.

"Look at the world's monochrome highway." They're jumping into a highway.

"Just want to dance when I'm feeling kinda blue..."
That verse, this is when the character probably convince themselves that life isn't worth it, they just want to dance and/or laugh (i.e. die already)
Kind of morbid.

My thoughts are pretty scattered here, but bare with me xD its 2 AM in the morning here.

Thanks for reading! You may choose or not choose to agree with my interpretation. Its just my opinions ^_^
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