I have decided that I want to be one of Youtube's first female English, Vocaloid/Anime rappers. (Wow, you don't hear that everyday) Maybe if I'm good, I can get known on Nico as well ^^ however, those are dreams far out of my reach TT-TT. Wouldn't hurt to try right? Well anyway, I want to try to make rap covers of some popular and non-popular Vocaloid songs. For some of you, you've heard of my English rap of Renai Circulation. I got some positive feedback so maybe that's a good omen saying that maybe I should do more. I know that my voice is pretty immature for rapping, but I want to try the best I can with it. Right now, I'm working on a new set of English rap lyrics that I hope to use for a duet sometime. I want to try to get it done in a week, but realistically, this is going to be hard for me because just like Renai, I don't have the English translations of this so the rap is going to be done 'raw'. I'll use references of course, but this is going to take up some time. To think I was struggling with another set of English lyrics already. . . Oh well, that set is almost complete. Only 4-6 more lines to go and I'll be ready to record. I can't wait to record something on my new microphone. I've been itching to try it out!

Ja ne~!


Status- Determined

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