Well, my dream is finally taking off. My World's End Dancehall rap received some positive feedback. I hope my rapping skills will continue to grow from here on out. There are some things about rapping that I'm afraid will be abused in the future. I won't state any here in my blog and worry about things that haven't even happened yet. A goal I have in the future is to be asked by a chorus to be feature to rap in it like LOLI.COM and Tightson. In the future, I hope to find some softer beats since I haven't worked on my, I guess, my more natural sounding rap. I have a lot to work on actually... after all, this is only the beginning. You know what's funny? I wish I was a guy sometime xD. I think rap sounds cooler than a guy does it however, I always bring myself back to my inspiration Amber Liu. She's a pretty good rapper and levels with the guys. I'll work my way to be similar to her. To match up with the guys.

Side Note: I'm obsessed with this song. I wish I could find an instrumental TT-TT
ブレイクアウト! - ロリコム×タイツォン×初音ミク

Status- Determined

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